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    October 13th, 2015

California Contingency Fee Lawyers - Northern & Southern California Contingent Fee Attorneys in Los Angeles the San Francisco Bay Area San Diego Orange County the San Fernando Valley Ventura Santa Barbara Fresno Berkeley Oakland Santa Clara County San Jose and Sacramento.

contingency fee lawyers Our California contingency fee attorneys represent clients in cases falling within our Practice Areas listed on the left column of this page, and will consider other serious injury or serious compensatory damage litigation on a contingency fee basis. You may consider our qualifications as California trial lawyers highly experienced and indeed nationally acclaimed in each of our litigation practice areas. We set forth our relevant credentials on each of the subject matter pages. You may also consider Mr. Henke's brief description of his general trial lawyer credentials and national acclaim in the right column of this page.

We serve as contingency fee lawyers in cases which fall within our practice areas, which means that our fees are "contingent" upon our obtaining a recovery in the case. The client is not obligated to pay attorneys fees unless we obtain a settlement for our client or recover a judgment after trial. The amount of a contingency fee lawyer's fees is a percentage of the amount recovered.

As California contingency fee lawyers we generally don't participate in personal injury litigation on an hourly basis, which is the other common way that lawyers are retained to provide their services. We explain the advantages of engaging attorneys to represent you on a contingency fee basis below, and we rebut some conventional misunderstandings about the contingency fee system. But there may be some advantages for some clients in obtaining representation on an hourly fee basis, which we also discuss below. The attorneys fee basis upon which the lawyer serves his client is entirely a matter of contract, although in some cases, such as California medical malpractice cases, the maximum fee is set by statute. California contingency fee lawyers provide the client the option of engaging them on a contingency fee basis where the client considers that it is preferable to him.

Our California Contingency Fee Lawyers Provide Free Case Consultations. We will Consider Your Case Arising in any County in the State. Our Attorneys Serve Southern and Northern California in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland Berkeley San Diego Orange County Santa Clara County and San Jose, Ventura Santa Barbara Fresno and Sacramento.

Please consider our credentials in the particular subject matter of your case by consulting our Practice Areas pages. We serve as contingency fee lawyers in accident cases, medical malpractice litigation, elder abuse cases, product liability cases, food poisoning litigation, pharmaceutical product liability cases and mesothelioma asbestos litigation, birth defect and birth injury cases, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury cases and premises liability litigation. After reviewing our credentials, you may submit the e-mail "Case Evaluation Request" and our California contingency fee lawyers will call you to discuss the facts of your case and offer our impressions and recommendations. Our case consultations are entirely without charge or obligation. We serve as California contingency fee lawyers in Northern and Southern California in the San Francisco Bay Area Berkeley and Oakland, in Los Angeles San Diego Orange County and the San Fernando Valley, in Ventura and Santa Barbara, Fresno, Santa Clara County San Jose and Sacramento. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Our case consultations are free of charge and entirely without obligation.


California contingency fee lawyer, Mr. Henke, is aware of the fact that there has been created a negative public perception of the contingent fee system. It is often portrayed, particularly in the pervasive insurance industry propaganda, as a system by which "personal injury lawyers" take advantage of their clients. As a product of that negative public perception, it is possible that California contingency fee attorneys in general may have more difficulty at the outset in establishing the good attorney-client relationships which are so important to the most effective prosecution of their clients' cases. Therefore, Mr. Henke offers here to demonstrate that, contrary to this unfortunate negative public perception, the California contingency fee system, and California contingency fee lawyers are essential to permit all of us equal access to this most important of democratic institutions, our courts.

The California contingency fee system and California contingency fee lawyers are absolutely essential if all of us, rich, middle class, and poor alike, are to have practical access to our court system. Think about it. Practically speaking, if it were not for the California contingent fee lawyers, willing to serve as attorneys on a contingent fee, it would be only the wealthy who could afford to pay to vindicate their legal rights in a court of law, indeed only those who could afford to pay an attorney by the hour. In a contested personal injury case, attorneys fees could range from several thousands of dollars to many scores of thousands of dollars or more at the typical hourly rates charged by non-contingency fee lawyers. In the absence of the contingency fee system, the fact is that most of us would have no practical means to assert our rights in our courts of law at all.

Furthermore, under the usual non-contingent fee, hourly attorney/client fee arrangement, the client must pay the attorney's fees whether the attorney wins or loses the case; whereas, in contrast, under the common contingency fee agreement, the client pays attorneys fees only if a recovery is obtained. In an hourly, non-contingency fee arrangement, therefore, it is the client rather than the attorney that must take the "risk" that he will lose the investment of the attorneys fees he’s paid to prosecute the litigation. Under an hourly, non-contingent fee attorney/client contract, if the case is lost, the hourly fee attorney doesn't give back to the client all the money the client has paid in hourly fees. In the hourly fee case, if the case is lost, the client must be prepared not only to suffer the defeat of his rights, but the loss of all the attorneys fees he was required to pay to prosecute the case.

There can be advantages to paying an attorney an hourly fee to prosecute litigation, conceivably even personal injury litigation, although that is extremely rare, even for the wealthy. But clearly it is only by virtue of the contingency fee system that injured victims, rich, middle class, and the poor alike are empowered to pursue their rights in a court of law without paying any attorneys fees until the case is completed; and even then, only a percentage of the recovery, if a recovery is obtained. Indeed, it is only by virtue of the California contingency fee system and California contingency fee attorneys, that most clients may avail an attorney's services at all, enjoy the benefit of his "day in court," and with the peace of mind that if his case should fail, he will be able to walk away free of any financial obligation for the attorney time that was required to obtain his "day in court."

In the absence of our California contingency fee system and our California contingency fee lawyers, what proportion of the public do you think would have the wealth to pay hourly attorneys fees and litigation costs in order to purchase their admission to assert their rights in our courts? Would we really want a system of justice where justice itself was available only to those who could afford to pay for it? NO! This much maligned contingency fee system of ours serves an absolutely essential democratic function to make our courts equally accessible to all people, regardless of their economic status.

Every time the insurance industry sets out to undermine the California contingency fee system, with pandering legislative lobbying, or with "tort reform" initiatives, what do you suspect are the insurance industry's motives? Should we take at face value the calculated message of the insurers $100,000 twenty second television ads, always made to appear as though they were "sponsored by" a “concerned citizens” group? Should we believe that the insurers who attack the California contingent fee system are motivated by a good, high and altruistic calling to protect the public from overreaching California contingency fee lawyers? Of course not! So, why do insurers so vehemently attack the contingency fee system? It is to achieve precisely the effect that their carefully drafted "tort reform" initiatives and lobbied for legislation would have if enacted and actually put into practice. The insurers want to avoid paying the valid claims of personal injury claimants caused by those they insure ~~ claims which the insurers will continue to be held responsible to pay so long as personal injury claimants retain the practical ability to avail the court system to prosecute their cases. The answer: Insurers attempt to create public hostility to the only existing system that permits the public access to the courts solely to impair the ordinary man’s practical ability to have his "day in court."

It is only as an unfortunate bi-product of the insurance industry's "tort reform" campaigns and the industry's ongoing efforts generally to undermine public support for the California contingent fee system that this unfortunate negative public impression of the California contingency fee system is created.

Now, is the California contingency fee system perfect? Clearly not. Is there any other system that has ever been proposed by the insurance industry, or our legislators or anyone else for that matter, that would do a better job to permit all people access to our court system? The answer is "NO."

The facts set forth above are intended solely for informational purposes, to counterbalance the prejudices against the California contingency fee system which may, in turn, negatively influence the way clients perceive California contingency fee lawyers. The information is not intended as legal advice. It is certainly not intended to advise any particular potential client to enter into a contingency fee contract with Mr. Henke or another California contingency fee lawyer in preference to an hourly fee contract where an hourly fee contract would be a practical option for the individual. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Where the potential client has the practical ability to pay for hourly representation, and is willing to take the risk that he might not only lose his case but lose his investment of attorneys fees, he should weigh the relative advantages, including the advantage that if he wins big he may pay less in hourly fees than he would under a contingency fee contract, and disadvantages of his options and chose the option that best suits him.

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car accident lawyer
*Most recent Jury Verdict or Settlement:

$2,500,000.00 Settlement in contested liability motorcycle Accident. Below knee amputation. The settlement was obtained after California auto accident lawyer, Henke, demonstrated by his interrogation of the investigating police officer that his motorcyclist client was not contributorily negligent for having pulled out into an intersection, "splitting lanes," between cars in two adjoining left turn lanes, and after investigating to discover that the defendant driver was operating his vehicle "in the course and scope of his employment," naming the employer as a defendant in the litigation, and in this way putting at risk the employer's liability and excess insurance coverage.

$2,700,000.00 Jury verdict in a medical malpractice cases in which attorney, Henke, tried the cases of five clients against multiple physicians and a hospital in one consolidated 4 month trial. The jury found that the physician and hospital defendants had conspired to use upon their patients the FDA unapproved drug Viroxan The jury verdict included $1,900,000.00 in punitive damages awarded against the hospital.

$3,800,000.00 gross jury verdict in in a medical malpractice case in which attorney Henke established liability on the basis that the defendant internist and neurologist failed to diagnose a rare heart tumor, an atrial myxoma. Atrial myxomas are among the most rare tumors identified in the human body.

*The results obtained in the cases listed were dependent upon the facts of the cases, and the results will differ in other cases based on different facts

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Driving Under the Influence of Cell Conversation Results in DUI Level Driving Impairment And a 4 fold Increased Likelihood that the Driver will Cause an Accident.

Read Henke Law Group Scientific Review Article. As Knowledgeable Cell Phone Accident Lawyers We Can Investigate to Establish That The Other Driver Was On His Cell Phone. The Evidence Can Make the Difference in a Contested Liability Case.

Where we Can Establish That the Other Driver Was Engaged in a Business Call We Can Bring his Employer in as a Defendant and Recover Against the Employer's Assets and Insurance Coverage.

California auto accident attorney Henke has reviewed all the scientific literature on the effect of cell phone use to impair driver attention. Driving under the influence of cell conversation renders the driver DUI level driving impaired and results in a four fold increased likelihood that the driver will cause an accident. Contrary to popular belief, it is not "holding" the cell phone which resulting the impairment. It is the diversion of conscious attention to the internal-cognitive tasks associated with the give and take of the cell conversation away from the external-visual tasks essential for safe driving. Indeed, it matters not whether the motorist is driving under the influence of handheld or hands-free cell conversation, the impairment and the 4 fold increased likelihood that the driver will cause an accident are precisely the same. Yes, California and a number of other states have enacted handheld laws; unfortunately that is just a function of politics. The scientists are not in dispute. All agree that driving under the influence of any cell phone results in the identical DUI level driving impairment.

It is important that the auto accident lawyer obtain the cell phone records of the other driver in every contested liability case, and especially in any serious injury case in which it appears that the other driver lacks sufficient insurance coverage to fully compensate the plaintiff for his injuries and full measure of his damages. In the contested liability case,the evidence of the other party's cell phone use in the moments prior to the accident may snatch victory from the mouth of defeat. In the most common serious injury auto accident case in which the other driver lacks sufficient insurance to fully compensate the plaintiff for his injuries and damages, it is essential that the cell phone records be obtained and appropriate depositions taken of the defendant and the other party to the call to determine whether the other driver was engaged in a business call in the moments leading up to the accident. If he was, then the knowledgeable cell phone auto accident lawyer can bring the employer into the litigation as a defendant "vicariously liable" for the injuries caused by its employee in the "course and scope of his employment." In this way the auto accident lawyer may assure that the plaintiff will be fully compensated up to the limits of the employers insurance policy, and indeed, the employer's assets would be available to execute against.

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Our California Contingency Fee Lawyers Are Superior Trial Lawyers for Accident Cases Medical and Food Poisoning, Mesothelioma and Pharmaceutical Product Liability Litigation, Elder Abuse and Premises Liability Cases Serving Northern and Southern California, Los Angeles the San Francisco Bay Area San Diego Orange County Fresno San Jose Oakland and Sacramento. We Are Your California Contingency Fee Trial Lawyers of Choice.

Our California contingency fee lawyers are available to serve our clients on a contingent fee basis in accident litigation, medical malpractice cases, elder abuse litigation, pharmaceutical product liability cases, birth injury litigation, cases involving brain injuries, spinal cord injury and paralysis cases, mesothelioma litigation and premises liability cases. Our credentials specific to each of our practice areas are set forth on the subject matter pages.

Below, California contingency fee lawyer, Ray Henke, will describe briefly his general trial lawyer credentials and California and national acclaim as an experienced, agressive and highly successful trial lawyer for complex personal injury litigation.

Our contingency free lawyers provide free attorney consolations. To obtain a free consultation, submit the e-mail form "Case Evaluation Request" and California contingency fee attorney, Ray Henke, will call you to discuss the facts of your case and provide his case evaluation and recommendations. Our California contingency fee lawyers represent clients in every county in Southern and Northern California, from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area, from San Diego to Sacramento, in Orange County Fresno Santa Clara County San Jose and Oakland.

California Contingency Fee Lawyer, Ray Henke, An Experienced and Nationally Acclaimed Trial Attorney

California contingency fee attorney, Henke, is "AV" rated by Martindale & Hubbell, the highest lawyer legal ability rating ("A") and highest attorney ethical standards rating ("V") awarded by the most highly respected lawyer ranking directory in the United States. The Martindale & Hubbell ratings are determined by interviews with judges before whom the lawyer has practiced and by interviews with other preeminent lawyers in the state who are aware of the attorney's legal ability and ethical standards. The "A" is defined as "very high" to preeminent in "legal ability"; the "V" is defined as "very high" in "general ethical standards." According to Martindale & Hubbell: "AV Peer Review Rating shows that a lawyer has reached the height of professional excellence. He or she has usually practiced law for many years, and is recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity."

Contingency fee lawyer, Henke, has obtained many multimillion dollar settlements and jury verdicts, many of them in the most complex cases, such as medical malpractice and pharmaceutical product liability litigation, as well as in auto accident cases. Attorney Henke is recognized as one of the "Top Lawyers in America," a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, commonly referred to as "the most prestigious group of trial lawyers in the United States."

Mr. Henke is a former Governor of the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Association, the 5th Largest Trial Lawyer Association in the United States, elected to the position by the large trial lawyer membership. He was also nominated "Trial Lawyer of the Year" by LATLA.

California contingency fee attorney, Ray Henke's cases and trial work has received substantial attention in California and national legal journals, from "California Lawyer" to "The National Law Journal." His cases and trial work have also been the subject of substantial legitimate newspaper coverage, from front page articles in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, from the Washington Post to the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, national and international legitimate television news, including Tom Brokaw's Evening News and CNN; as well as 3 books. He has also testified before Congress at the invitation of the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the United States House of Representatives, specifically with regard to 10 punitive damage "test" cases, five of which, tried together in one 4 month trial, ultimately yielding a multimillion dollar California jury verdict. California contingency fee lawyer, Henke has also obtained extraordinary published state and federal appellate results effecting lasting, significant changes in the law favorable to his clients and other plaintiff litigants. Our California contingency fee lawyers' superior trial attorney credentials and track record specific to each subject area are set forth more specifically on subject matter pages.

The Henke Law Group are your California contingency fee attorneys of choice for serious injury accident, medical malpractice, elder abuse, pharmaceutical product liability, food poisoning, and premises liability litigation. We offer free California contingency fee lawyer case consultations. Our highly qualified auto accident attorneys serving Northern and Southern California in Los Angeles the San Francisco Bay Area Oakland San Jose San Diego Orange County Fresno Sacramento and every other city and county in California.

Our California Contingency Fee Attorneys Provide Free Consultations to Those Who Have Suffered Serious Injury As the Result of an Auto Accident, Car, Motorcycle or Bicycle or Big Rig Truck Accident, Premises Liability, Medical Malpractice, Elder Abuse, Product Liability and Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Defect Liability, Mesothelioma Resulting from Asbestos Exposure, Food Poisoning, And Other Negligent & Intentional Conduct. Our California Contingency fee Lawyers Will Consider The Cases of Those Seriously Injured In Northern Central and Southern California, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Bay Area, Fresno, Ventura San Bernardino, Orange County, Oakland, Santa Clara County, San Jose, Sacramento and San Diego. This California Contingency fee Lawyers Page Is For Informational Purposes Only. It is Not Legal Advice. Merely Viewing This California Contingency fee Attorneys Page Does Not Create an Attorney-Client Agreement.

Our California contingency fee lawyers are pleased to provide free consultations to all those who have been seriously injured as the result of a car, motorcycle, bicycle, big rig truck, or other auto accident. Our California attorneys provide free consultations to those who have suffered serious injury as the result medical and obstetrical malpractice or a product defect, pharmaceutical, drug or medical device product liability, food poisoning, premises slip and fall liability, and elder abuse. Our California contingency fee attorneys serve Southern and Northern California in Los Angeles San Francisco, the bay area, San Bernardino, Orange County, Fresno and Ventura, San Jose, Santa Clara County, Berkeley, Oakland, and from San Diego to Sacramento. You may submit the "California Contingency fee Lawyers Case Evaluation Request" and one of our California auto accident lawyers or premises liability attorneys, or medical malpractice lawyer, or product liability attorney, or elder abuse lawyer or food poisoning attorneys will contact you to provide an initial evaluation. Our initial consultations are entirely free of charge, and without any obligation. Our California contingency fee lawyers are here to serve you.

Please understand that this California contingency fee lawyers page and the other subject area pages are provided for informational purposes only, describing our practice areas. This California contingency fee attorneys page and the other pages of this site are not intended as legal advice and should not be interpreted as legal advice, and in particular the content should not be interpreted as legal advise as to the potential merits or viability your particular contingency fee case or any particular case. In particular, this California contingency fee lawyers page should not be interpreted as advice with regard to whether any particular individual might be best served by engaging an attorney on a contingent fee basis or hourly basis or some other basis.

Our California contingency fee lawyers provide free consultations to those who contact us, but again, you must understand that if we are unable to accept your case, that will be merely a function of our law firm specific intake guidelines and should not be interpreted as a conclusion on our part that your case lacks merit or that it is not viable litigation. Furthermore, please understand that merely reviewing this site or this California contingency fee attorneys page, or submitting a "California Contingency fee Lawyers Case Evaluation Request," or speaking with Mr. Henke or another attorney does not and cannot create an attorney-client relationship with Mr. Henke or his law office. The only way that an attorney-client relationship can be created with Mr. Henke or his law firm is by a written attorney-client retainer agreement signed both by the client and Mr. Henke. In certain cases, if a case does not fall within our office guidelines we may recommend or refer you to another lawyer, but please understand also that our referring you to another lawyer does not create an attorney-client relationship with Mr. Henke or Mr. Henke's law firm. Nor do we ever undertake to supervise any litigation undertaken by any other lawyers, including lawyers or law firms to which we may refer a client.